Membership Application Form

Any person wishing to become a member of the Waikato Vintage Tractor and Machinery Club Inc. is to complete this form.  Associate membership is available to a partner in a domestic relationship or a dependent child.  In each case the first named person will be the full member paying the full annual subscription and the second named will be the the associate member paying a reduced subscription.  An associate member has no voting rights and will not receive club newsletters.

I (name in full) ________________________________________________________________________

and (associate member’s name in full) ________________________________________________________

of (address) __________________________________________________________________________
______________________________________________________________________Post code ___________
Occupation _________________________________________ 
Phone (    )  ______________  Fax  (     )  _______________  Email ____________________________
Wish to apply for membership of the Waikato Vintage Tractor and Machinery Club Inc.
• I/We agree to abide by the rules and the objects of the Club.
• I/We agree to my/our name/s and address and contact details being printed for the membership list.
• I/We agree to any photos/information from club events being published by the Club.
My Tractor/Machinery Interests are ____________________________________________________
Other Interests _____________________________________________________________________

Signed (Full Member)__________________________________________  Date __________________________________

Signed (Associate Member) ____________________________________    Date __________________________________

Proposed __________________________________________  Seconded ________________________________________
Application(s) approved at a Club Committee Meeting held on  ________________________________________________
New Member Subscription $55       Associate Member  $1        Payment must be enclosed with this Application 


Return this form with Remittance on Application to:        

The Secretary
WVT & MC Inc
C/- Kevin Beck
PO Box 3
Morrinsville 3340